About Us

Writing is such a small world that anyone who’s been doing it a few years gets to know other writers by name and reputation even without meeting in person. So when Mary Buckham and Laurie Schnebly Campbell met in person, they were both awed at being in each other’s presence. Then even more awed at discovering the other one felt the same way. Both of ‘em loved (and still love) Laurie Schnebly Phototeaching fellow writers. Both were experienced in recruiting instructors, Mary for the Kiss of Death and Laurie for the AskAnAuthor loops. Their respective gifts for big-picture thinking and diplomatic details came together just as online learning was beginning to emerge. Setting up a virtual campus where they could teach whatever classes they wanted, with additional classes by writers who share their philosophy of helping students wherever possible, led them to create WriterUniv.com in 2005. Mary Buckham PhotoSince then they’ve added new teachers and new students every year, many of whom are featured on the school’s blog and interview pages. After seven years of managing WriterU along with registrar Elizabeth Reyes, they brought in Lynda Jo Scheussler to handle social media…and created the new WriterUniv.com with a lot more offerings for writers. Help yourself!

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