Some of our favorite books for writers


plot whisperer

Martha Alderson

The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master



Mary Buckham

Writing Active Setting: the Complete How-to Guide with Bonus Section on Hooks



Mary Buckham

Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps to Building a Story that Sells



Mary Buckham

Writing Active Setting Book 1: Characterization and Sensory Detail





Mary Buckham

Writing Active Setting Book 2: Emotion, Conflict and Back Story




Anne Lamott

Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life




 Alicia Rasley

The Power Of Point Of View: Make Your Story Come To Life




Stephen D. Rogers

The Dictionary of Made-Up Languages: From Elvish to Klingon, The Anwa, Reella, Ealray, Yeht (Real) Origins of Invented Lexicons





Laurie Schnebly

Believable Characters: Creating with Enneagrams



Christopher Vogler

The Writers Journey: Mythic Structure for Writers, 3rd Edition



Lori Wilde

Got High Concept: The Key to Dynamic Fiction that Sells!

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