CRAFT CLASS: Add Suspense to Your Manuscript

by Stephen D. Rogers

June 1-26, 2020

We read for many reasons. We keep reading because we want to know what happens next. We want to know how the characters will react to changes in their circumstances. We want to know, “Now what?” As writers, we want to give our readers that experience, and we do that by adding suspense to our manuscripts, whatever the genre. It is suspense — the unfulfilled desire to close the gap between question and answer — that keeps readers turning pages, starting the next chapter, reading through the night and past the point when they were supposed to do something else. In this class, you will learn how to:

  • Ask questions and delay answers to create suspense
  • Build arcs and subplots to increase tension
  • Create backstory and character dimensions for surprise
  • Cut and join scenes to regulate pacing
  • Use setting and mood to unsettle
  • Construct sentences and paragraphs for power
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    Stephen D. Rogers is a multi-published writer of fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Over 800 of his stories and poems have appeared in 300+ publications, earning two “Best of Soft SF” winners, two Derringers (plus seven finals), numerous Readers’ Choice awards, and more. He is also a Distinguished Toastmaster in Toastmasters International, and his writing advice has appeared in Write Now! Mysteries, Writer’s Digest, Writing World, and Writer’s Digest Tutorials on “Selling to Anthologies.”

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