CRAFT CLASS: Boffo Beginnings & Fab Finales

LaurieSchnebly (1)

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

June 10-21, 2019

How can you make sure your book will draw readers in from the very first paragraph, through the next several pages, continuing into further chapters until they realize they’ve been reading so fast and so deep they can’t put this story down? How can you leave them, after reaching The End, so wonderfully satisfied with the book they just finished that they’re already vowing to read whatever else you’ve written and are going to write next? That’s what this class is about.

  • Choosing the right opening setting
  • Moving between action and emotion
  • Sustaining tension from page to page
  • When to hint and when to reveal
  • Setting up for the grand climax
  • The ultimate triumph or defeat
  • How fast to wrap everything up

Laurie Schnebly Campbell asked writers what they had trouble with, and found equal numbers who said “the opening” and “the closing.” So combining the two offered the chance to put Bookends Theory to work, regardless of how vividly or subtly they’re presented in the story. A novelist who won “Best Special Edition of the Year” over Nora Roberts, Laurie always has trouble choosing her favorite activity: writing, reading or teaching.

$40 per class ($35 if paid by check) at  Register

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