Enroll by Mail/Check

Update: site has moved so delete wordpress from the link and type just http://www.WriterUniv.com/classes/enroll-by-mailcheck

To Pay by Check: Mark your class choice(s) below and mail your check, payable to WriterUniv — and adding “USD” if it’s from a non U.S. bank — to: Laurie Campbell, 7720 N. 14th Street, Phoenix AZ 85020.


7 responses to “Enroll by Mail/Check

  1. Great classes


  2. Good news — Alicia will be offering this same class NEXT May! Since it’ll be a first-paid-first-enrolled situation again, you might want to register very early to ensure your place. (If the registration for 2016 isn’t up yet, just pretend like you’re signing up for 2015 and send a note with your PayPal explaining that it’s for 2016.)


  3. Randy, all the classes are conducted via email. The teacher posts a lecture, and students can respond whenever it’s convenient for them.

    Sometimes there are homework assignments with deadlines, but teachers know we have students from all over the world so there’ll never be a case when, for example, an assignment is posted just as Australians are going to bed and it’s due just as they’re waking up.

    Since all the material is on yahoogroups, you can go back anytime during the class — and for a week or two afterwards — to review or copy-and-keep anything you want. Some people interact with the teacher throughout the course, and some read the material but don’t participate. Either way is okay!


  4. I can’t describe how much I enjoy Laurie Campbell’s instruction style, wit, and value. With a great sense of encouragement, plus on the money comments, Laurie has been a tremendous writing guide for my published novels. Thank you Laurie.

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  5. Hiw much for two classes?


    • Beth, it depends on which two classes and whether you’re paying by check or PayPal. Go up to the top of the page and under the CLASSES tab, click both the ones you want. You’ll see on each one’s page what it costs for both options, so you can add that together and have a total. (I always have to do that on paper; it’s embarrassing how few writers are also skilled at math!)


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