MASTER CLASS: Growing Your Heroine

LaurieSchnebly (1)

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

October 12-23, 2020

Prerequisite: Must have completed “The Hero’s Journey, for Heroines” class worksheets

A continuation of the Heroine’s Journey process begun in September, this master class provides more in-depth guidance through the journey taken by heroines who change their world from the inside out. Based on Kim Hudson’s interpretation of Joseph Campbell’s steps for heroes battling external forces, the focus is on how a heroine triumphs over internal fear or weakness to create a better life for everyone she cares about…including herself. With hands-on attention to any heroine you choose, this class shows you:

  • A brand new 13-point worksheet for your book
  • Crystallizing the villain, whether outside her or within
  • How creating a stick-figure heroine can help your plot
  • Which elements will most affect your character’s progress
  • The drama of false triumphs…and false disasters
  • Making them work for your current heroine (and future ones)

Laurie Schnebly Campbell ( loves it when writers rave about her classes, especially when she’s teaching one for the first time. Here’s what some said after the premier of Growing Your Heroine: “Incredibly helpful.” “Definitely the best story structure class I’ve been in.” And from a latecomer “…sparked more creativity in the last three days than I think I’ve had in three months.”

$65 per class ($60 if paid by check) at  Register

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