CRAFT CLASS: The Hero’s Journey, For Heroines

LaurieSchnebly (1)

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Aug. 31-September 25, 2020

What happens when a character’s journey is more about relationships, with others and with herself, than about daredevil action? Joseph Campbell and Christopher Vogler have identified 12 popular steps for a hero who explores the outside world and returns with the elixir. But what about a character whose journey leads to flowering change instead of physical adventure? Her challenges, as described in Kim Hudson’s 13 steps, will sometimes contradict, sometimes parallel and sometimes compliment the traditional hero’s journey…and for writers whose heroine faces her own less-traveled road to discovery, this class offers a fascinating map.

  • Establishing the world of dependence
  • Moving from dormancy to risk
  • Sampling an unrealized dream in secret
  • Balancing the old world with the new
  • Embracing change, which results in chaos
  • Facing self-doubt and the ultimate choice
  • Bringing new light to a different world

Laurie Schnebly Campbell always wondered what was wrong with her, not really GETTING the Hero’s Journey, until she discovered its feminine counterpart. Then she got excited — not only by the premise, but also by the chance to create a brand new class for WriterU. She can’t wait to see who else shares her enthusiasm for characters making discoveries within themselves, as well as within the world…no matter what their gender.

$40 per class ($35 if paid by check) at  Register

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