CRAFT CLASS: More Than Setting, World Building

LaurieSchnebly (1)

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

August 12-23, 2019

Of course your book needs a setting that contributes to the story, but your characters’ story world goes far beyond just the time and place they occupy. It’s also the people who surround them, expectations they take for granted, rules that infuriate them, attitudes they share with their society–whether or not they realize it–and more. All those elements belong in your story world’s setting…and here’s how to build a world that works.

  • Your characters’ place in their story world
  • Their physical environment, natural or otherwise
  • Internal & external perceptions of their culture
  • What they do for work and for fun
  • Health, wealth, achievement & other social values
  • How their cultural environment affects them
  • Past, present & future changes in their world

A novelist who won “Best Special Edition of the Year” over Nora Roberts, Laurie Schnebly Campbell always has trouble choosing her favorite activity: writing, reading or teaching. Because new topics are a particular favorite, she asked writers what they’d like to know more about and discovered “story world” was something authors found intriguing. So this course explores building those worlds, whether they’re a completely fictional creation or an actual setting the writer knows well.

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