SUPER CLASS: Laws of Motion: Plotting the Compelling Story

by Laura Baker

July 1-31, 2018

Do you know what your story is REALLY about? How would your writing be different if you knew the answer? Receive personal attention and brainstorm on your own story as you plot your book with critically-acclaimed and award-winning author Laura Baker. With over two-decades of experience as a writer, teacher, critiquer and judge, Laura will teach you a revolutionary way of managing the dynamics of plot, character and conflict. In this class you will:

  • Learn how to construct Story and Character Arcs
  • Use Story Question to create clear and compelling conflict
  • Define the decision that changes your protagonist’s life
  • Plumb the heart of your story using struggle and insight
  • Discover and use three setup scenes for every Turning Point
  • Use mini-epiphanies to launch the protagonist into escalating action
  • Create a visceral connection of plot to subplot
  • See your story vision come to life

With Laura’s coaching, many unpublished writers are now published, and the techniques she teaches are used by NY Times bestselling authors. “I now know what’s been missing from this story. I finally ‘feel’ the layers and the textures and the plot is no longer contrived. I’m so excited! I’m digging in, writing my little brain out!” For more information about Laura’s classes visit her website:

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