What is WriterUniv.com?

Since May 2005 we’ve offered monthly classes on various topics, all related to writing for publication. Most of the enrollment has come from word-of-mouth, with people who’ve taken a class telling their friends about WriterU.

How are the classes held?

Each month-long class is conducted by email on a private list, for which you’re subscribed at the beginning of the month and unsubscribed at the end. (Of course, you get a few extra days at the end so you can review or save the materials!)

Is there any real-time “live” interaction?

No, it’s all done via email — so you can read and respond to the posts whenever you have some free time.

Are there lectures? Q&A sessions? Homework?

The instructor posts two or three lectures a week, and some of them include homework (although homework is always optional). People can ask questions throughout the month, and the instructor will either reply as soon as they can, during a designated “answer” day or wait to reply during a lecture which addresses the subject in question.

Does the instructor give feedback on my work or manuscript?

Sometimes, although not always, homework will draw on your own work in progress. However, while instructors usually comment on homework posted to the loop, they aren’t here to be critique partners but rather to teach new craft skills.

What if I don’t have time for homework?

Whenever you see an assignment, you can either do the homework and send your answer to the loop OR do it on your own and not show anyone OR skip the whole thing. Nobody will send the homework police after you!

How do I sign up?

Visit the Registration page, and click the icon for any classes you want. You can enroll for one class at a time or multiple classes, using the same registration form.

Do I need to belong to any particular writing organization to take WriterUniv.com classes?

No, they’re open to everyone. All you need is access to yahoogroups, and that’s easy to set up — just let us know if you need instructions.

If I have a question, how can I get more information?

Just use the contact form to send your question and you’ll hear back shortly!

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